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DDR5 Memory won't go past 4000mhz to reach 4800mhz on Z690-F

Level 7
Just put together a Z690-F (Bios 0702), 12900k and 4 x 8gb Crucial ( CT2K8G48C40U5 ).

Memory isn't listed on the QVL, just to get that out of the way.

It all works, but if I set the MB to XMP I to enable 4800mhz, the motherboard will not post. When it does eventually boot, the memory drops to 4000mhz and not the 4800mhz on the XMP I.

Anyone else getting similar issues ?

Hi guys, i have a question. i have a z690-a prime and 2 8gb crucial rams at 4800. I put the sticks at recommended slots(A2 B2) but now i noticed a little problem. my ram frequency is a little lower in cpu-z. Its 2394.1 instead of 2400 and also cpu core clock is at 4588 instead of 4600(core i5 12500) is this normal? for example margin of error for cpu core clock and ram frequency? i attached a picture from cpu-z93543