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Crashing with Z790 Hero and G.Skill 6400hz 2x32gb memory kit

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Hey guys,

Back in October of last year I bought a 14900kf, z790 hero motherboard (running 2102 bios), a 2x32gb G.Skill kit (F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RK) and Samsung 980 Pro boot drive (with the firmware fully updated)

For the first few months everything was great, however more and more lately I'm getting system access violation errors (seen in windows event viewer) for random programs, as well as BSOD's for attempted execute non execute memory and page fault in non-paged area errors. I thought it was maybe a corrupted windows install, so I went to reinstall it and that ordeal, getting 0xc0000005 errors trying to install, my local PC shop was able to hook me up with getting windows back on there. 

After getting Windows 11 installed, it was a fight to get chipset drivers to install, the installers wouldn't even launch, must have taken 20 tries to get them to actually install ALL the drivers in JUST the chipset installation package.

I'm currently running XMP 2, the issues are much worse and more pronounced on any of the XMP settings.

I suspected it was the memory, so I memtested it rigorously over a 24 hour period, no errors, I've reseated the memory, and I'm thinking of picking up a different kit off the qvl for testing purposes.

However before I start spending money I was wondering if anyone has any idea's? 

Thank you



Super Moderator

Hi @ph1ldo,

Sounds like you're on the right path. xc0000005 is often related to memory instability. Probably best to install driver packages at stock in this case.

I would test XMP with Karhu RAM Test or an OS-based stress test. Memtest86+ is normally not stringent enough to pick up all instability on DDR5-based platforms and serves more to test for faulty DIMMs.

In terms of the XMP settings, it makes sense that XMP II is the least problematic as this uses the default DIMM profile on SPD rather than board-optimised timings.

XMP/EXPO I This is the validated board profile. Every time a board is validated with a particular memory kit, the memory vendor and ASUS use this profile to validate the kit for the QVL.

XMP/EXPO II - This is the default DIMM profile from the memory vendor and contains sub-timings stored within the SPD EEPROM of the memory module. 

XMP/EXPO Tweaked - This is the fastest profile and contains various tuned sub-timings and memory parameters. 


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