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Level 7
Hey guys and gals. I`m hoping somebody can help me with a little problem. As i have purchaced a new asus Rog maxiumus HERO z790 and a new cooler for my 13700k. I have checked the rpm plug from the pump atleast 100 times that it is in cpu_fan header. But i just gets a 0 rpm fail on boot. So i choose to put it on ignore in bios. It sais 0 rpm on cpu_fan, but the values show on OPT_fan insted. Idk what to do here, is the mother board faulty, the pump, wrong markings or just a simple bios update? anyone else struggled with this?
I`m new to this forum so im sorry if the thread is in the wrong place.
cheers 🙂


Level 7
It must be wrong printed in the manual or faulty wiring on the MB. I swithed to the "supposed" OPT_fan header and the the pump shows as cpu fan.
Idk, but it work now!

Level 15
Hi KnarfeX, if I remember correctly, the tachometer lead can be connected to any fan header in theory. Whichever one you choose will read the pump speed. I can't think why your OPT-fan and CPU-fan indicators seem to be the wrong way around. Were you connecting to the correct pin? Anyway, it is working and that's the important thing. Have you installed the iCue software? My lead is connected to the CPU fan header and it works fine. Have a look using HWInfo and see what that says as well.....

Note that I have a different motherboard but the same cooler. It would be very surprising if the fan headers were labelled incorrectly though.
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