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Check your RAM stability if your on 1402 bios

Level 12

hey, i updated my bios to 1402 and i thought everything was pretty good except when i ran memtest86 to make sure everything was good and stable, i have g.skill 7600 ram, it was pumping out errors after 20-30 minutes into the test. i confirmed the errors with occt ram test as well. lowering the ram speed to 7400 did make it stable. it was stable before the bios  update  at 7600 no errors after 5 hours of testing overnight. i updated to 1501 beta bios after errors on 1402 and tested again. no errors and completely stable overnight 6 hour test.


just wanted to give a heads up if your running high speed ram. something for sure is wrong with 1402 bios. so wrong that a beta bios was released about a day or 2 after 1402 beta came out.


Level 10

Memtest86 is not a great ram test. OCCT isn't bad. Are you testing with any other applications? Should do 6-10 passes of y-cruncher VST+VT3 to start, 25 cycles of TM5 1usmus, and finish off with Karhu or HCI Memtest. You may find your 7600 isn't even stable.

With that said, it's quite common (at least for Asus) for Bios updates to kill previous ram stability. Quite rampant with Z690 where 2204 appeared to be the most stable and everything past that hurt it. I am on 2802 now and going to see if anything has improved or at least at 2204's stability. 

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XMP is not assured overclocking, in fact by definition when pertaining to DRAM OC, assured overclocking can be considered an oxymoron. Ignoring the fact the OP hasn't listed which board or even which kit he is using, the more aggressive the timings or higher the frequency compared to the stock specifications, the greater the likelihood that users will need to manually fine-tune settings to ensure system stability.

CPU ucode,firmware updates, or changes to auto ruling to accommodate changes to the platform can also have an impact on overclocking. This is why the UEFI allows you to make adjustments, as no two CPUs are identical when pushing platform limits.





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