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Can XMP work with AI overclock ?

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I have a 13900KS on a Z790 Apex and 2x15gb of gskil trident 7600 ram.

When i use AI overclock it sets my ram at 4800 and passes testmem fine.   But if I set ram to any XMP setting i get flooded with errors.

I can boot and run windows fine but with test errors.  I can even set it to 8000 with a little >voltage and same XMP settings and things run fine but i get errors.

Without AI overclock i pass ram test with the same 8000 settings.

AI overclocking seems worthless if you cannot utilize the rams potential.

I have tried different modifications to settings but have yet to find one and am readying to just manually OC.  I like the Overclock i get with AI and things run ok but i would rather not get errors.


Super Moderator


AI OC and XMP are very different. Trying to establish a memory overclock whilst simultaneously enabling AI OC isn't the best method.

Establish memory stability first by testing XMP I. I recommend using Karhu RAM Test or MT5.

XMP/EXPO IThis is the validated board profile. Every time a board is validated with a particular memory kit, the memory vendor and ASUS use this profile to validate the kit for the QVL.

XMP/EXPO II - This is the default DIMM profile from the memory vendor and contains sub-timings stored within the SPD EEPROM of the memory module. 

XMP/EXPO Tweaked - This is the fastest profile and contains various tuned sub-timings and memory parameters. 

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

thanks for the reply and suggestions.  I can get my 2x16 7600 gskil stable no problem at 8000 with any manual overclock, but with any AI overclock i get errors with MT5.  I think i might need to try and raise the LLC on the Ai because my cooling is really good and i am getting boosted more than the ai llc setting is at.  I know there has to be something i can tweak in the AI configuration manually that will make the difference.  I will try the llc later.  Also, there is no longer a "XMP tweaked" option in the latest bios 2102