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Can not plug in 2 SATA HDD or Can not install Intel RST driver

Level 7

I bought a new PC with B760M-PLUS motherboard, M2 Kingston windows 11 pro on it. It was working fine but when I try to install my old SATA disks on it, It began to error blue screen. (Disks are seagate and identical 1 TB) I tried everything to solve it but can not find a solution. These are my steps that I tried:
1-CSM is enabled. Plug Disks to SATA 3 and 4
2- Try to enable MAP Sata controller under VMD then I get rid of blue screen but still can not find disks.
3- When I try to install Intel RST it always rise blue screen even when I disconnect SATA disks.I can not install this driver.
4- I disabled VMD and remove 1 disk then I can see my disks and no error but when I plug in the second disk, It again gave error.
Conclusion I can not install 2 identical SATA HDD to this motherboard.