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Can I use integrated graphics and dedicated GPU at the same time, and should I?

Level 9

I'm working on designing my next gaming build. Actually I already have all of my components except for the CPU and GPU. I'm planning to wait another 3-4 months and plan to use an Asus Strix 4070 TI Super or an Asus Strix 4080 Super as my GPU. My motherboard is an ROG Strix Z790-H Gaming. My question today concerns video outputs. I plan to use an Intel i7-14700K with integrated graphics as a backup in the event anything were to ever happen to my GPU. That way, my rig wouldn't be completely down while waiting for an RMA or to purchase a replacement GPU.

So, on to my question. Can I use the integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU at the same time and, if I can, should I? The reason I'm curious is that I plan to add a 5"-7" sensor panel inside my case and am curious as to the positives and negatives of driving this display from my main GPU and from driving it from the integrated graphics of my CPU/mobo.

Any ideas or opinions?


Level 17

Most video cards have 4 outputs nowadays and although I've never tried to do it myself, it should be possible to use the internal GPU at the same time as far as I know. Somebody here that's doing it already can probably share their experience.

A lot of those smaller info screens just connect to the motherboard directly using a USB header. Some use a USB-C connection and no doubt, others will use HDMI. So I don't think you need to worry, you should have plenty of options.

I also agree that's it a good idea to get a 'K' processor for the small premium. I have not found any use for the internal graphics (yet), but good to know that I have a backup display option. That's the main reason I've always gone for the K variant too. 

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