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Can I run CMK32GX5M2X6600C32 @6600MHZ with Z690-F + 12900K

Level 7

I have a Z690-F running 12900K. I want to upgrade my RAMS from 4800MHZ dual kit to the maximum supported by this mainboard officially.
Z690-F specs says it support 6400Mhz DDR5 rams at max but I noticed that QVL page have some 6600 MHz RAMS for 12900K:

If I buy Corsair VENGEANCE 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 DRAM 6600MHz C32 Memory Kit CMK32GX5M2X6600C32 which is listed in the qvl page, will it work at 6600Mhz C32 timings if I set BIOS setting as XMP1/XMP2 ? Will be that simple? I'm trying to understand what Asus guarantee by listing a RAM product code in its QVL page.

Thanks in advance!

Level 7
Anyone having experience on Gskill 6600's attached to Z690-F ? These are also in the Z690-F QVL list

GSkill F5-6600J3440G16GX2-TZ5RK
GSkill F5-6600J3440G16GX2-TZ5RS

Level 12
There are normally three QVL lists for memory worth looking at, one is the motherboard, the other two is what Intel say and what Memory manufacture say.
While I run AMD platforms, tend to prefer the rule 2 out 3 isn't bad for QVL lists and like these odds.

Level 13
You may want to submit an support ticket to Corsair to enquire them. It fastest this way.