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Boot Priority Oder ROG Maximus Dark Hereo.

Level 7

Hi everyone,

Completed a new build, my M.2 shows up fine in Boot Priority order in BIOS and I get into Windows without issue but for some reason, my four 3.5 inch SSDs connected to the SATA connections are not showing in the list. I have enabled CSM but still those four SSDs do not show in the Boot Priority list.

They have been recognised in Windows and all have been initialized and formatted to GPT.

Do I need to enable another setting to get them to appear in the list in Bios?



Level 9

If none of the SSDs have a boot loader on them they won't show up in the Boot Priority List.

Level 7

But my SSDs on my other pc that I built a few years ago using an ASUS motherboard are the same and they were formatted the same way but they all show in Boot Priority list in BIOS so I don't really know what you're getting at.