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Boot loops, error code 55, RAM issues still present after almost 10 years [discussion]

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Hello ROG community!

I am audio engineer (so far away from OC or gaming enthusiastic) and apologize in advance if this doesn't belong the the right section on the forum, but I want to open general discussion with following:

As my Digital audio workstation(DAW) PC is 10 years old (Maximus Hero VII Z97) I encounter on RAM problems error 55 boot loops etc, I fix those through days of troubleshooting and stress in the end I recorded step by step walk through how to fix and once it pass it works stable, till I make deep PC cleaning or installing new HW, luckily encounter it 3-5 times but was always is a PITA till I make it work. I am familiar with RAM modules/populate/speed QVL list etc but its not point of that. Edit: Just to note that it works fine and I don't need an help on that.

Now time comes for a new DAW PC, and as for the previous one I made a really long and extensive research on PC parts and their compatibility. And again ASUS Maximus series gives the most out of the box Z790 Hero to be precise.

*How come that this is still wide spread issues with RAM/Error 55/Loops etc on new Z790 and Z690?
*If you put "error code 55" on google 80% results are for ASUS Especially Maximus series.
*I stumbled on posts that people having above problems with QVL RAM modules often with only 2 populated on their Motherboards.
Unfortunately Gigabyte shut down their official forum but yet I didn't get much infos that people has struggles on Error 50-55 (AFAIK error codes are universal across all vendors)

From all mentioned above i got feeling that somehow ASUS has this problem more than other brands. And as someone who building new workstation I am concerned about mentioned.



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Q-Code 55 is universally the same across all Intel-based platforms on ASUS motherboards. It means as the manual states, which is no memory detected.

It can be due to a number of things, such as;

1. Memory modules incorrectly inserted.
2. Poor CPU pin pad contact issue.
3. Overtorqued CPU cooler or incorrect installation.
4. Physical trace damage to the motherboard or DIMM sockets.

For the issue to arise after an extensive period of time such as in your case, my first port of call would be to remount the CPU and cooler. 10 years of heat cycles is quite a lot.

Hope this helps.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Hi Silent Scone,

Thanks for chiming in, I am aware of all of those, my old workstation works fine so I am not seeking any help and sorry for missunderstood (I edited my post)

The one I wondering though is how often this is and for how long it is present especially for mentioned Asus motherboards, are there are users that comes from Gigabyte MSI or other brands cause of the same issue? And they find for solution in Asus?

Don't really understand what it is you are asking.

Most likely comes down to sales figures. The Q-Code is predominantly an install issue, as mentioned above.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090