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BIOS v1720 Compulsory Update Mega Thread

Hi all,

ASUS is aware of the recent 1720 BIOS that was pushed by Windows Update as well as the complaints of voltage regulation.

ASUS provided this update as optional but if you had a different experience please post here in as much detail as possible:
-Whether you clicked check for updates or Windows updated automatically
-Exact name of the update as it appears on your system
-Date you got the update
-Country or region
-Windows version and product level (ie Windows 11 Home)
-Any update related settings you have chosen such as the Windows Insider Program
-Screenshots if you see Windows listing this update as anything other than optional

Thank you

This thread will be updated as more information is available.

*Multiple threads merged here. Apologies if some of the conversation is disjointed.*
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It's Asus TUF Gaming z690 plus wifi d4 there is no flash port on back ;( so u recommending to instal me and mei drivers first than bios to new version ?


With all due respect, man, what was buggy about 1720? I'm still using it on my Z690 TUF Gaming D4 with no issues of any kind. A year ago, when I got 2004 and then never versions, I've experienced insane BSOD issues and ended up having to replace my motherboard. IDK, I'm leaving mine on 1720 for the rest of its life. Z690 formula bios 2703 - Republic of Gamers Forum - 960305 ( I posted a short version of my experience here.

I never used 1720 myself, I just remember a lot of people complaining about it. If it's working well for you and you want to stay on that version, that's all good. The most recent BIOS, 2703 has received pretty good feedback though, if you ever do decide to upgrade. 

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Level 8

Well I update z690 no newest bios and now sometimes I have recovery blue windows screen