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BIOS Upgrade Path Options

Level 9
I have a 10m HDMI cable and a long USB cable to a USB hub to my KB and Mouse. The box is across the room from where I am with the KB, Mouse, Monitor.

Because of this I "think", I cannot get into the BIOS with del key. Because the monitor is not showing the post message because it is sync'ing and unsync'ing a lot, you cannot get the del key to work. I had a lot of problems trying to figure this out and actually got the MB to not boot al all. Had to leave the Battery out overnight. Kinda goofy if you ask me. I almost canned the whole thing because of this, never seen a MB do this.

Long story short, left out battery overnight, cam back and all is OK. With a short monitor cable and KB plugged directly in to MB, getting into BIOS is easy. I am also on Legacy BIOS, so cannot setup a windows shutdown to go into the bios.

S now to my question: If I don't want to dc the computer and move it into my office to plug a monitor in on a short leash and a KB directly, what other BIOS upgrades paths are there? Is there an Armory Crate method? I know about BIOS flashback but don't really trust that for a scheduled BIOS upgrade.