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Bios on H670

Level 7

Hi guys!

I'm experiencing strange behavior of my Asus H670 pro wifi d4.

While startup when I have my videocard installed (Aourus Nvidia RTX3070 master G8) there is no TUF logo and no chance to enter the bios (hitting del or F2 doesn't work), it seems like the screen is turned off, but after a while,  system still boots and screen turns on. When videocard is out and hdmi plugged into motherboard TUF logo and bios enter works as normal. 

- There is nothing in the display settings, display work properly. 

- Graphics card is working normal. Under stress it has no issues. 

- on the motherboard testing leds go through as they should.

-in Bios loaded bios defaults and also reset cmos.


My guess it happened after the bios update. Do anyone has the same issue or how to overcome it?