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BIOS 3401 causing random blue screens pc restart and crashes

Level 8

Having since the newest bios 3401 on a Z690-F random pc restarts and blue screens. Games are crashing randomly and one game crash report indicates that it is apparently an vram issue. I stress tested the gpu vram with OCCT but no errors where detected so it cant be an problem with the gpu himself. All drivers are updated so it should also not be an software issue especially these problems exist since the newest bios 3401. Strangely all these problems dissapeared after rolling back on the bios 3302. 


Level 12

try resetting to defaults and then updating bios again. if it happens again send a ticket to customer support so they can be aware of the issue.

Reinstalled the bios after resetting to defaults but unfortunately same issues occured again. Rolling back to the previous bios solved these again. Just opened a thread here instead of contacting the support directly to know whether others also have these issues.

Level 7

Having same issue  with the 3401 bios. Going to roll back to previous bios