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BIOS 2305 for Z690-F gaming WIFI

Level 9

Hello. I am writing my experiences about Bias 2305:
I installed this new version of BIOS 2305 for Z690-F wifi gaming. Compared to the previous version (2204), this version does not have good stability for XMP activation. In fact, by activating the XMP, the system becomes unstable and after a while Windows freezes. I hope this problem is fixed. Unfortunately, this version of bias is not suitable for overclocking activation. On the other hand, it is not possible to return to the previous bias and previous versions (2204) of the bias are not recognized. I think we should wait for the new version of Bias in the future.


Accepted Solutions

Level 13

Please try to select your manually memory frequency in BIOS and see if it help to address the issue. 

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Level 13

Please try to select your manually memory frequency in BIOS and see if it help to address the issue. 

I don't know why Asus unfortunately does not allow to return to the previous version. Is there a way to inform the authorities that this version has a problem??? I think this is the latest bias version for the z690 generation. I hope the next update will come and solve this problem.

Level 13

It always a good to practice to manually assign memory frequency even it ran well with XMP.  But some ram module till now still suffering XMP not working well, Asus definite not alone. I supposed if you can provide the detail your RAM maker and module model for Asus can/may or improve in the new BIOS release together. But, if ain't broke, don't fix it.

My RAM is Team Group with a frequency of 6400. In the previous version, i.e. 2204, my computer performed perfectly and XMP was also activated. With XMP activated, the RAM frequency was set to 6400 automatically. I have never used manual frequency because I don’t know how to set it. Is there a resource for manual frequency tuning tutorials? Currently, by activating XMP, the computer freezes and hangs. Unfortunately, high RAM frequency is very important for my work because I am doing simulations and I need a high frequency. Now, so that the computer doesn’t freeze and the emulation software doesn’t crash, I disabled XMP and the RAM frequency is now set to 4800.”

In the BIOS page, select the AITWEAKER (third from left) tab. With the AITWEAKER menu. you see the memory frequency and bring down the selection filed and choose your RAM correct frequency. press F10, saved and reboot.

PS: Do not select other field if you are not familiar with bios.

Hi, im using asus tuf z690 d4 bios 2305 ver. So in this version my pc got crash SSD Drive (Samsung evo 980pro 1tb M2) i try to find much issue but the problem is still appear. My ram is adata XPG specttrix D41 (bus 2666 - 3000Hz). so now i need to help to fix the problem. Sorry my english not good, i hope you can understand 

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