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Bios 1720 and 2004 updates

Level 7
Hello all

I have a 12900k with a Z690A wifi D4 Motherboard. When I see the last developments of BIOS 1720 and 2004 :

1) The 1720 does not allow undervolting below boot voltages and pushed the core voltage to a default of around 1.45. My processor was litteraly too hot and was throttling when checking with Cinebench R23.

2) The 2004 will not allow flashback.

Can we hope for a better power management later or is it only pushing the wattages ?

Should we update to the latest Bios so that Microsoft has more data to fine tune the voltages with their AI ?

Level 17
1720 has a lot of reported problems, so I would say avoid that one. At least you can go back if you want to try it.

2004 has some issues which I have just tried to summarise in the other "2004 will not allow BIOS flashback" thread, but overall I think it seems to work for most people. Remember though, once you change to 2004 you cannot go back so if you are on an earlier BIOS and everything works, I see no reason to change it at the moment.
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