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BIOS 1645 still lowers performance when undervolting 13600k

Level 9

I've read that newest bioses disabled the CEP function but it still affects heavily performance when undervolting the CPU, I updated to 1645 bios but nothing is changed.

The CPU draws around 210 W in prime95 and max vcore 1.243

CB23 score is 24000 with these settings but if I go for example for 1.200 vcore score goes to 17.000

My settings are

AI overclock tuner : xmp 2

Asus performance enhancement : disabled

CPU load line calibration : 6

Cpu core current limit : 511.75

Long duration power limit : 300

Short duration power limit : 300

IA AC Load line : 0.35

IA DC Load line : 0.35

Microcode : 104

Global SVID Voltage : -0.17

Cache SVID Voltage : -0.12

DRAM VDD : 1.35

DRAM VDDQ : 1.35

Memory Controller voltage : 1.116

DRAM VPP Voltage : 1.8

CPU C states : Enabled

Package C state limit : C0/C1



Level 9

found the answer here, such a shame that we don't get this feature on 13 gen series...... the only valid reason for this is marketing I guess


Level 8

Found your post because considering upgrading to BIOS 1645 or 1656 from 1604. For me 1604 works as expected but recently I got the idea of a custom loop for my SFF to improve temps and performance. So due to the small case and air cooler I had to UV plus to lower long and short duration power limit to about 150 and 125W. The 13600K draws between 1.15 and 1.09 V and scores about 21500 in CB. I think thats ok in terms of W for performance tradeoff. With water I will either gain performance or just get better temps, will search for a good sweetspot. A drop to 17k using 1.2 Volt sounds strange to me.

I can not think about a custom loop because my case is NZXT H1 V2 wich is a very small case, I am fine with these temps and voltages I am running now but is such a shame that an expensive board comes limited for no reason but marketing purposes and after 2 years receives an update that works only for newer gen CPUs when we know it's possible to make it work on older gen too but again is all about marketing and greed. I love ROG and almost my whole setup is ROG but in every device/part I have encountered stupid limitations because of cost cuttings and poor implementation.