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Beta UEFI 2301 - beware! Unstable and cannot flash back to earlier build (MZ690 Hero)

Level 9
Test, to see if the forum is fixed...

Oh it is, so...

As above, anyone trying 2301 - beware that if it doesn't work for you (and it hasn't for me), it seems on the Hero and, from reports on, all other Maximus Z690 boards, we are unable to flash back to any earlier build. I've tried both 2103 and 2204. EZFlash gives the "this is not a proper BIOS" warning and refuses to go any further, while USB FlashBack gives the solid blue light after 5 seconds.

Negative symptoms of the UEFI itself are chronic instability even at minimal/no load. Seeing 3+ spontaneous reboots per day on a system (and settings) that were rock solid 24/7 on previous builds. The BSODs seem to be RAM-related - but everything I've tried so far - increasing relevant voltages, even dropping the memory bus back to 5600 (on RAM that was previously completely stable at 6000) has failed to return the system to stability. I have manually re-input all the settings - so it isn't like a saved settings preset from a previous UEFI is causing problems.

Also noticeable that it is struggling to resume from sleep. It won't resume from RAM at all, but then when it spontaneously reboots, more often than not it will halt POST on Q-Code 0x55, until the reset button is pressed and it will (usually) resume from hiberfile next time. Again suggesting memory stability somewhere. ME firmware/drivers/etc are all current. Other posts on of the 0x55 halt with it too so my system isn't an isolated case.

Really poor form of Asus to release a beta UEFI without a prior warning that we will be unable to flash back to stable if anything's wrong with it. If anyone knows any tricks that will get the system to successfully reflash an earlier UEFI, I'd really appreciate it.