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Best ASUS Intel motherboard for 192GB DDR5 memory

Level 7

Hi all. What is the best ASUS motherboard for 192 GB DDR5 memory (2 DIMMs per channel, dual rank)? CPU is Intel 14th gen i7-14700K, and I'm Interested in both speed and stability. Is there any meaningful difference in the Z790 refresh boards (e.g. ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming II) versus the original Z790 boards with regards to 4-stick high capacity memory support? Are the most recent BIOS compatible with 192GB DDR5? There appears to be a lot of conflicting information online on whether 192GB is even supported, and if so, which motherboard/BIOS can stably support the highest speeds. Thanks in advance for any insights. 


Level 11

Currently, it is very difficult for any motherboard to be able to load a ddr5 kit up to the advertised level of 8000l bus. And if you want to run 2 kits (4 x ddr 5), it will not be possible to overclock. If you want to overclock and run at high speed, you should only run 2 bars. But it's also difficult to get up to the advertised speed for many reasons... But I think overclocking to a certain degree is probably still great with 192 gb ddr5. That's the information I learned in the past few days from the wise brothers in the forum