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Z690 Forumula - NVMe RAID 5 keeps dying/rebuilding

I have an array of 4x1TB Samsun 980 Pro NVMe drives in RAID 5 configuration as a data disk. However, every 2 weeks or so the array will "die" and then have to rebuild. Has anyone encountered the same issue?Should I be boosting/adding voltage to the...

verkion by Level 7
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XMP Profiles crash my PC

Whenever i enable a XMP profile on my Asus Prime Z690-A it crashes games within minutes. Sometimes the game just crashes other times it will blue screen or just restarts but only crashes when in a game's as stress tests seem to be fine. It also somet...

On board HDMI does not display POST on cold boot.

New build out-of-the-box Prime Z690-A does not display POST startup page on cold boot using on board HDMI.POST completes in the background and boots up Win 11 Pro without further problems.POST correctly displays startup when using on board Displaypor...

gordy7 by Level 7
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Realtek Random Loud Static Z690 Hero

I have a very annoying issue, the al4082 chip seems to make random static sound. I have researched and this seems to be an ongoing issue for Realtek chips. I have updated firmware, tried latest drivers, and all other versions, still does it. Its tota...

ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO New Bios 1601

Version 16012022/07/08 10.95 MBytesROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO BIOS 1601"1.Update Microcode for next generation Intel Processors.Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (MZ690H.CAP) using BIOSRenamer."Not to much to get ex...

VSSV by Level 7
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Armoury Crate update makes it useless

Loaded Armoury crate. Says theres an update. Click to to update. Takes ages. Using Taskmanger CPU peaks at 1.7% for armoury crate. Everything else is Idle. I have a Gen 4 Nvme and a 12700K and 500mb DL speeds. Why the hell is it so damn slow?Finally ...

Drayco31 by Level 11
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