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Exploring the impact of DDR5 in 2024 [Intel 14th Gen]

I thought I'd share some results on Intel 14th gen and the ROG Z790 Apex Encore with memory scaling whilst investigating use cases for DIMM Flex. As most will know, in the exploration of DDR5 it's crucial to recognise that substantial CPU and memory ...

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Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Which drivers do I need?

Have a good day. I'm sorry for asking. There are probably thousands of similar ones here, but it is very laborious to search for an answer to each one. So thank you in advance to the members, of the community for their answers.I have a motherboard AS...

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Bios on H670

Hi guys!I'm experiencing strange behavior of my Asus H670 pro wifi d4.While startup when I have my videocard installed (Aourus Nvidia RTX3070 master G8) there is no TUF logo and no chance to enter the bios (hitting del or F2 doesn't work), it seems l...

Need help to understand the new Z790-i 1501 BIOS UI

Hi All!I recently started to use the Z790-i motherboard and upgraded the BIOS to 1501. The Prediction section is not intuitive to me. Can someone help me understand it? What does the two numbers highlighted mean? In my case, it's 1.110/1.279. What do...

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TUF GAMING Z790-PRO 1424 BIOS Link Broken

0 KB download and the ZIP file is empty

arh2o by Level 7
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ROG Strix Z790-E All USB Ports Stopped Working

Yesterday Keyboard and Mouse simultaneously stopped working. No odd events preceded the stop. I plugged them into other USB ports on the PC with no luck. I tested them both on another PC and both worked fine.I have tried different kbd and mouse on US...

Liz by Level 8
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z790 tuf plus wifi d4 Sound issue

In this video Sound Issue , hopefully you can hear the "dings" that I am hearing.I just upgraded to a 12700k, Asus z790 tuf D4 motherboard and 32gb Corsair vengeance ram. I unfortunately had to also replace my power supply as the new MB was not playi...

Problem with Maximus Z90 Hero/DDR5 Vengeance 2x48

My ram cards DDR5 Vengeance 2x48 5600Mhz from corsair which I installed on my Asus Rog Maximus Z790 Hero don't show up in when I boot windows and get in the page where u have all the available disks, like C:, D:, etc...the only one that shows up is t...

Regarding Wifi Antenna of Z690 Maximus Formula

As Everyone knows that the motherboard Asus Z690 Maximus Formula Comes with a WIFI 6E capability but it made me wonder that what are the exact specifications of the antenna provided with it, Like i want to know that how much dbi is there of the anten...