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Exploring the impact of DDR5 in 2024 [Intel 14th Gen]

I thought I'd share some results on Intel 14th gen and the ROG Z790 Apex Encore with memory scaling whilst investigating use cases for DIMM Flex. As most will know, in the exploration of DDR5 it's crucial to recognise that substantial CPU and memory ...

240316084855.jpg Silent_Scone_0-1711563201839.jpeg 4800MT.png JEDEC [Auto].png

Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Z790 Maximus Hero and Hyper M.2 Gen 5

I have a Z790 Hero with a 13900KS, 7900XTX and now 2x Crucial T705 PCIe 5 M.2 drives in a HYPER M.2 X16 GEN5 card..Hyper M.2 Card is in PCIEX16(G5)_1 slot7900XTX is in the PCIEX16(G5)_2 slot1st T705 is in M.2_1 slot in the hyper card.2nd T705 is in M...

Samsung 990 Pro Vs Crucial T705

I decided to test the older Samsung 990 Pro vs the newer Crucial T705 on this Encore board just to see what Valley benchmarks would be like going from X16 with the former to X8 bandwidth with the latter with a 3080 on my test bench. I was not expecti...

Valley Baseline 042724.png Valley T705 042824.png cdm.png cdm T705.png

Strix B760-f bus speed

I chose the asus motherboard again hoped that they would fixed this bug but I was wrong, running 14600k, gskill 7200mhz ram default settings. This is so annoying thing as bclk bus speed that sitting 99.76mhz in cpuz or aida64.Dram 2394.1mhz instead 2...

extreme by Level 8
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After trying to shutdown PC won't turn off

Hello.I have a PRIME Z790M-PLUS D4 with the latest firmware available and I'm facing an issue when I have the PC turned on for a long time and do a shutdown on Windows 11 Pro; the MB turns off all the peripherals except the fans and the power led sta...

z690p d4 eye-strain

Hi,I recently upgraded my PC ( z390 + 9600kf ) to z690p d4 + 12600k, I use the same 8 bit 60hz benq bl2420z monitor with DP cableAnd immediately after turning it on, I felt that the brightness of the monitor become higher (where there was a slightly ...

PC stuck on boot

Hello!I've got ROG Strix Z790-H and 2 sticks of ram from Corsair, Vengeance 6000 mhz and I've got it set to XMP. My problem is that after a night, or just long period of PC being turned off when I power it on it goes through CPU Led and it passes, th...

glcsdad by Level 7
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Resolved! Maximus Z790 Dark Hero

I am having an issue with my virtual machines running slow in vmware workstation. I was told that I should not use the default windows 11 NVME drivers. Is there a better driver for this board? I installed the chipset driver and the intel rapid storag...