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Z690 Maximus Apex with G.Skill F5-6400J3239G16G

Hello.I bought a set of modules F5-6400J3239G16G from G.Skill (2x16).Problem - the memory does not work in XMP mode in 6400 - memtest86 errors fall, windows refuses to work correctly.Errors in memtest persist even when the frequency is limited to 620...

Rog strix z690a d4 - dimm channel a issue

Hey guys I need some help or knowledge. I recently got Asus ROG Strix z690a d4 paired with 12600k, 3060ti, 4 sticks of 8gb rams from Team. The problem is both channel A are not detecting my Team ram. I have tried a1 + b1 and a2 + b2 combination but n...

27W PCI-E 16X ? (Asus Z690 Maximus Apex)

Hello.I read the Asus Z690 Maximus Apex user manual. It says that:The PD_12V_PWR connector provides additional power for your PCIe X16 slots. Tosupport 60W, please install the power cable to the 6-pin PCIe Graphics Card connector(PD_12V_PWR) else onl...

Z690-E Will Not Restart

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi Motherboard. When system is restarted or booted without power cycling the PSU the system will not post. If I power cycle the PSU for 10 seconds it will post just fine and Windows will boot without issue. When it hang...