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[drivers] intel ethernet not working plz help

I need help please anyone at all. I have tried everything, new drivers, old drivers, new windows install, etc etc but this keeps occuring. I get disconnects with error message below. I have a Z690 Maximus extreme SO EXPENSIVE FOR THIS? Anyone hav...

MrGman by Level 7
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Z690 Formula PCH hitting 90-92C should I worry?

I was just wondering if I could be concerned about such a high PCH temp. PCH will stay around 75-78 while doing lite things but reach 90-92C while gaming. I have good airflow 011 XL with 6 fans in 3 out. It probably doesn't help that I have M2_2 a...

Intel Ethernet Drivers Question

I'm just a little bit confused about the Ethernet Drivers and their specific Version Numbers.Today I had a Ethernet Driver Update through Windows Update to Version the Z690 Extreme Driver Page you can download the Version don't kn...

PuweY by Level 7
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ROG Z690 Extreme random freeze - no idea help

Dear Members!I've built new setup. Rog Z690 Extreme, 12900K(with Thermal Grizzly socket), Rog Stix O24G 3090 + rog riser, 4 x 16gb G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 6000mhz, Rog Ryujin ii 360 cooler, Rog Thor ii 1000w PSU.Bios newest, drivers updated (I think ...


The user manual is a little confusing as to what slots to use if I am going to install 2 M.2 cards. Clearly I use M1 for the first card but where does the second one go? Is it 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, or does it matter. M1 will be a 500GB boot drive and t...


Hi all!Is there any information on the timing of the release of motherboards based on the Z790 chipset and what will be its advantage over the Z690?