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Z690 Formula i9 13th gen Black Screen on COD MW2

hello , I have a Z690 Formula, water cooled with i9 13th Gen, 64 gb ram ddr5 G-Skill 5600, 2 m,2 980 2 tb each one, 3080TI Asus Strix, 3 screens asus ROG in surround 5760x1080 but if I try to play COD mw or mw2 I have a black screen, if I turn the sc...

Valdao by Level 7
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need help with overclock I9 13900K on z690 hero

hello everyone i have asus z690 hero g-skil 2x16 6400 cl32 and i9 13900k i want to overclock the cpu and i need a guide my pervious system was i9 10900k AND Z490 HERO IN 13gen I NEED HELPi want to overclock the cpu for safe 24\7 use what is the max s...

How to set-up a good Fan Hystersis in Bios?

Hello EveryoneWhat is the best way to set-up a good Fan Hysteresis in Bios.Normlly u can set 0.5-2.0 Sec, so the Fans dont go up in speed as soon u opena program or browser due to a lil peak in power.I didnt find a button in Bios for it.Im not good ...

Z790 Extreme + DDR5-7600 XMP = Can't be done?

Has anyone on the Z790 Extreme been able to run 7600+ XMP on their boards? QVL list some g-skill kits up to 7800. Tried both G-Skill 7600 as well as Oloy 7600 and both can't run stable. I've seen some guys with Z790 hero run it no problem, but I don'...