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DDR5 7200 CPU-Z reporting question

I was playing around with OC my G.Skill DDR5 7200Mhz. By lose CAS from 34 to 36, i was able to pass mem86 to 7600Mhz.However, in CPU-Z, SPD tab, Max bandwidth is reporting something weird: DDR5-7200 (3600 Mhz).Memory section, DRAM Frequence: 3800...

z790 hero ethernet problems

When gaming the ethernet adapter freezes for a couple of seconds making the experience unplayable. If I use wifi this does not happen. I've tried both I226 ethernet drivers versions and with no success. Is the adapter that comes wit...

What's the Holdup w/ the D5 TUF Z790 Mobo?

Even though they are still virtually nonexistent, I'm holding out hope I will be able to own a TUF 4090 soon (mostly because they and the (overpriced?) Strix are the only 4090s that might be able to switch their fifth video port without needing to un...

ROG DIMM.2 HS GEN4 V2 versus V3

I'm having bizarre issues with the Z790 Extreme.The M.2_1 slot block was hard to unscrew not only using official tool (from the box) but even IFixIt high quality tools. It was also hard to crew it back in.BUT - the M.2 module is impossible to unscrew...

orcinus by Level 7
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Internal CPU Graphics - A Question

I've been thinking ahead about internal CPU graphics (for non 'F' versions)By default, internal graphics are disabled in the BIOS. No problem so far, but what happens if the main GPU fails completely? How would you then be able to enable internal gra...

JohnAb by Level 15
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Asus Z690 Apex boot issues

Hey guys,I've got some kind of demon in my PC I've been battling for a while now. When I power on the PC after successful shutdown, it fails to boot. It never reaches the "Press Del to enter setup" screen. It gets stuck on various boot codes. I've se...

thebski by Level 8
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Z690 Gaming A and Bios's Above 1601 ?

Does anyone know if the power and voltage issues introduced on Bios 1720 and above ie 2204 have fixed the voltage issues that arose with these bios's as there is still no mention of this on any of the bios's since that problem.