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IGPU problem- Z690 Hero, I9-12900K, Geforce 3090

I have turned on the IGPU multi-monitor tab in the BIOS advanced\system Agent SA settings but monitor shows no signal? fwiw I am running 3 monitors off the GPU. The monitor I am trying to use works fine on any HDMI port on the GPU. Running Asus BIOS ...

Z790 Hero - XMP Enabled no boot drive (Please Help)

I have windows 11 installed & updated Intel ME.I have GSkill 7200 32 gig kit.If I enable XMP my boot drive is gone with no option to boot back to windows. If I disabled XMP, boom I can boot back into Windows 11. I have never had so much damn trouble ...

murk00 by Level 7
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Secure boot options

For secure boot do you guys use standard or custom? Is there any advantage to custom over standard and if so does it make sense to clear the boot keys / reset on a new install?

robb543 by Level 7
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Z690 Hero RAM

After reading the article on not combining RAM to ensure system stability (I have 32GB Corsair 5600) i am left wondering what the whole point of having 4 DIMM slots on the motherboard is for ? I think at present time the Z690 only supports 64GB RAM ...

Log_cal by Level 7
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asus strix z790a motherboard gpu light

Vga light on mobo will come on during boot up and stay lit but pc will boot into windows just fine.. has happened about 3 times in a month.. a simple reboot and it goes away... bad motherboard or gpu or just a glitch ya think?

ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming Wifi D4

So today I ran into an issue where my pc randomly crashed while I was playing Escape from Tarkov. And after restarting it didnt detect my boot drive, I've tried different sata ports and got bottom 2 to work, while top 4 don't seem to detect my x2 sam...

matas17 by Level 7
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