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Z690 Maximus Hero + Code 55

I have had a fairly stable build for the past 3 months: I will preface this with that I have built many PCs over the years and before I take apart the hardline loop to RMA the mobo, hear me out - Z690 Maximus Hero + 12900K CPU, custom water cooled l...

ROG-STRIX Z690-E WHEA-Logger ID.17 whith cold Board

If the mainboard is cold (room temperature >21°C < approx. 30°C), i.e. after a longer standstill (power supply unit is permanently switched on), the WHEA logger throws warning messages with the ID.17 for the Intel for a certain time (R) PCI Express R...

twobnt by Level 7
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i226 V2.5 Problems? i worry about this is building a new rig using z790

ROG STRIX Z690-F GAMING WIFI Red Light (sometimes)

I built a PC with the following:ROG STRIX Z690-F GAMING WIFIIntel i7-13700kG.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series 64GB F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5RSCorsair HX1200SAMSUNG 990 PROPut it together and the Red CPU Light on the mobo stayed lit for 20 seconds then reboot...

A_Dude by Level 7
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Z790-I weird Q-LED sequence

Hello All,I have ROG STRIX Z790-I (BIOS 0812), 13700K, and 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6400 CL32-39-39-102 (XMP enabled).When I turn on PC, Q-LED sequence is always the same - CPU->DRAM->CPU->DRAM->VGA->Boot Device. So, it goes from CPU to DRAM, t...

xnd3r by Level 7
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Z790 Hero - M.2 configuration with a RTX 4090

Hi,Wanted to make sure that I understood this correctly. If my goal is to have the RTX 4090 run at x16 and my M.2 drives to run at x4; I could do the following.....1) Install 4090 into the PCIEX16(G5)_1 slot - And get x162) Install a boot drive Gen ...

Shreve by Level 9
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RaptorLake Resources

i will use this as a collection of test bioses/tools/info targeted towards Raptorlake + z69/790NOTE for Z690: You must update ME on your Z690 to properly support raptorlake (if you are on dual bioses then you need to do this to both bioses)1) d/l and...

Shamino by Moderator
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