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Exploring the impact of DDR5 in 2024 [Intel 14th Gen]

I thought I'd share some results on Intel 14th gen and the ROG Z790 Apex Encore with memory scaling whilst investigating use cases for DIMM Flex. As most will know, in the exploration of DDR5 it's crucial to recognise that substantial CPU and memory ...

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Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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ROG strix z690-e Q-CODE LED shows wrong temperature

Because I usually don't have a high load program, I haven't found it. I ran the aida64 load test today and found that the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius. After careful observation, it was found that the temperature of the motherboard was displaye...

Z690 hero and CMK32GX5M2A4800C40

Is anyone successfully running CMK32GX5M2A4800C40, not on QVL list successfully with Hero*board? *It sucks i have ddr5 memory, but its not on qvl list.*Torn if its worth the headache to try and get it to work.*

Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme - 2 kits don'

*t work.Hey there,finally, after days I managed to somewhat finalize my build, it's Z690 Extreme, 12900K, cooled by Ryujin II and I'm trying to feed the system with QVLCMT32GX5M2B5200C38 kit, but to no avail.At my first boot, I tried two of these kit...

uplink by Level 9
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Z690 ram advice

Hi Folks - Am hoping someone might shed some light on my dilemma. Have a Maximus Z690 MB and i9 12900K. Could not check them out as I had no DDR5 memory. Time ticking away. Got a chance to acquire 32 GB of DDR5 (2x16GB). Ram is Corsair Vengeance 32GB...

Asus ryujin 360 on Asus Z690 Maximus Apex ?

Good afternoon.I bought (but haven't assembled yet) an Asus Z690 Apex.I also have an asus ryujin 360 (first generation).Can you please tell me how acceptable is the installation of this water cooling model on the Apex?I know the motherboard has holes...


Hello Together,I have a serious problem with my setup, here is my setup:Intel 12900kG.SKILL Trident Z Neo 3600 CL16-16-16-36ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-A D4ASUS RTX 3090 TUF OCASUS XONAR D2X2x SAMSUNG 980 PRO 2TB without RaidFull custom water coolingOnboard ...

Strakay by Level 7
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Z690 Formula issues

So when booting into win10 or win11 I get stuck on Fb or Ad if I turn off fast boot. The only way around this is to hit the restart on the pcFrom what I’ve read this is caused by a corrupted installation of windows? I’ve reinstalled win11 about 4 tim...

Asus Rog Maximus Z690 Xtreme Glacial not recognize GPU

Today finished my new rig but i have a big problem, The motherboard not recognize the GPU Aorus RTX 3080ti xtreme wateforce, rest components works and recognize fine. My NVme is mounted in Dimm slot. I have update BIOS, I have check in both pcie slot...

majote by Level 7
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Fresh Build - Not Posting?

Finished assembling my build which is:- 12900K- Asus Rog Strix Z690-F - iGPU/GFX (Connected via HDMI)- T Force Delta RGB DDR5-6200 (2x16GB) - Corsair HX1000 (Multi rail enabled)- 980 Pro NVMe 4.0 (2TB) Switched it on and it did not post. It has no di...

vcore by Level 8
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