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Exploring the impact of DDR5 in 2024 [Intel 14th Gen]

I thought I'd share some results on Intel 14th gen and the ROG Z790 Apex Encore with memory scaling whilst investigating use cases for DIMM Flex. As most will know, in the exploration of DDR5 it's crucial to recognise that substantial CPU and memory ...

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Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Motherboard not detecting SSD's

Hi all,I'm using a Maximus Hero Z690 board. I currently have two Samsung M.2 NVME's installed, both of which are being detected by the bios and Windows and are working without issue.I also have a OCZ Vertex 460 SSD installed in one of the SATA ports ...

1003 Bios update Z690

Just downloaded it. Looks like the microcode fixes for the AVX removal are there. I'm still trying to run 64gigs. Gonna see if this update helps at all.

theroc44 by Level 9
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Problems with Z690 APEX and gskill 6000mhz cl36

Hello.I am using Z690 apex board together with Gskill 6000mhz cl36 memory which is a Samsung one ( F5-6000u3636E16GX2-TZ5K). At first 14 days they seem to run ok at XMP2 but than one day during game loading computer crashed hard with error 55 on post...

Ajinta by Level 7
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Windows 11 No Longer Booting Following Bios Update

Hi all, I'm having an issue with my new build that someone may be able to assist me with. * I recently put my new system together. I installed Windows 11, the installation went perfectly, Windows booted fine all day and I was able to install all of ...

Prime Z690-A not posting, RAM? BIOS update?

Hi guys wonder if anyone has any advice.I have a new Prime Z690-A board, 12900K, and a kit of 32GB Kingston "Fury Beast" 6000MHz stuff.The RAM is listed on the QVL for this board, I made sure of this before purchasing - part KF560C40BBK2-32.Issue is ...

Adaptive/Offset on Asus Z690 Hero

I just built a new PC using a 12900K and the Asus Z690 Maximus Hero. I notice that the CPU is pegged at max clocks, even at the desktop. On my Rampage XI extreme I set an adaptive offset so the Processor would only clock up when needed. I want...

mpoffo by Level 10
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Z690E and 1103 BIOS

Just built a new system with Z690E. Running 32G Kingston 6000 memory, Samsung 2 x 980 Pro's, and i7. Really no problems to report until I did the 1003 update. The machine would not boot. It would stop at the BIOS screen that said due to long press o...

zoulas by Level 7
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Maximus Z690 RAID corruption issues.

Wondering as anyone else come across corruption issues running RAID0 on bios 1003?Running three 2TB Sam 980 PRO in RAID0 all configured using chip-set not CPU socket.M.2_3 - Onboard M.2_1 - ROG Hyper M.2 CardM.2_2 - ROG Hyper M.2 CardAt first though...