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Extremely poor performance

Programs open slowly, sometimes not at all. iTunes constantly stops playing. Internet pages don't open. I've updated all drivers and programs, removed RGB apps, run Memtest86 and a full Norton scan. Very frustrating and ready to throw this box out th...

geos by Level 7
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ASUS Q code 55 on a perfectly healthy system?

Hello.. I have a gaming PC with a Z790-E mobo that was working perfectly fine.. it's fairly new, about 1-2 months old. Today, out of the blue, the board is showing me Q code 55, which apparently is a RAM issue. I've tried reseating the RAM and cleari...

ASUS ROG Strix Z790 E Expansion slots

Hi all,  It's been a while since I have been active here, after my x79 build....     I think I know the answer but looking for reassurance,     Please read bellow following the images. Z790-chipset-blockdiagramMotherboard layout     If I was to popul...

z790-chipset-blockdiagram-4.png Image (7).jpg
graphic by Level 11
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ROG Hero Z790 QCode 64 Bios 0904 Problem

Hi everyone. I keep getting QCode 64 and boot loop after I update to bios 0904. When I roll back to 0816 the machine boots fine. I have tried unplugging everything (USB devices etc.), reseating the RAM, trying one stick of RAM in each DIMM slot ((did...

dsnukem by Level 8
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