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Resolved! Strix Z790-F audio mix ?

Hi,Is there a way to manage the volumes of the audio outputs ? I simply use a good pair of speakers and a subwoofer, but I can't find how to adjust their respective levels in the software.Thank you

Zeubest by Level 7
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z690 Formula - Detect memory

I've had this board since launch. In the begining, I had it with 4x16GB sticks from two corsair kits and with early bios revisions that was a nightmare. Fine, I've sold the kits and switched to a single 64GB kit. I was hoping for plug and play. Just ...

95685 95686 95687 95688
axiumone by Level 10
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ASUS ROG STRIX 790-H Dram Code

Have crucial 32gb ddr5 compatible ram.This ram, fully seated as best as I can still and still getting dram error light.Tried loading fresh bios, tried removing and reinstalling, no luckAny other things to troubleshoot ?

njtonc by Level 7
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13900K Z790 Hero AI Optimize 0816

Since 0904 wansnt stable for me.    I went back on 0816.Z790 Hero, 13900K Delid, G.Skill 7200(OC to 7400 with same timing), Corsair H170i Push/Pull Setup.AI Optimized P and E.  TVB +10.  I was able to get this score: CInebench R23.Is this a good scor...


Z790 HERO TME and XMP freeze over 5400 MHz

Hi,I've been tinkering around with the new TME feature (Total Memory Encryption).My problem:When both TME and XMP are enabled, the system freezes the OS loading screen (spinning animation) at the very beginning.The problem will also show itself on Me...

Extremely poor performance

Programs open slowly, sometimes not at all. iTunes constantly stops playing. Internet pages don't open. I've updated all drivers and programs, removed RGB apps, run Memtest86 and a full Norton scan. Very frustrating and ready to throw this box out th...

geos by Level 7
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ASUS Q code 55 on a perfectly healthy system?

Hello.. I have a gaming PC with a Z790-E mobo that was working perfectly fine.. it's fairly new, about 1-2 months old. Today, out of the blue, the board is showing me Q code 55, which apparently is a RAM issue. I've tried reseating the RAM and cleari...