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B760m Gaming-G D4 - broken pin and memory issues

Level 8

I bought a new B760m Strix Gaming-G D4 Wifi to accommodate an i5-13500 and this board happens to have a single broken pin related to memory. According to the LGA 1700 layout, my broken pin is DDR1_DQ5[3]/DDR1_DQ3[3]/DDR3_DQ1[3] : I do not know what exact function this pin is related to.
Memory channel B seems to not be working at all : I ended putting my two ram sticks in A1 and A2 slots (the nearest to the CPU socket).
So I ended in single channel mode for my two ram sticks because of that A1 & A2 configuration.
My first question is if it is possible to have some kind of DRAM rank/bank interleaving option in the bios (like on some old motherboards) to get my two sticks work in dual channel mode ?
Anyway, in the current situation, I have some trouble getting my memory stable at 3600 Mhz (this is my XMP at CL14). It happens lately when I updated from 1641 to 1645 bios revision. While on 1641, I was having XMP II 3600Mhz working with 1:1 Memory controller : DRAM Frequency Ratio with no errors. On 1645, I have XMP II but with reduced frequency to 2400Mhz if I want 1:1 ratio or I have 1:2 with 3600 Mhz frequency. Can someone help me regarding that (I was able to get those sticks go up to 4000 Mhz on a Z490 motherboard with a 10900K) ? I will certainly go back to 1641 bios revision, but still, this is weird... I may even end up working only with one stick of RAM because I noticed 2 sticks of RAM seem to be taking some of the CPU performance... this is really weird.
Thank you !