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B760-I Bluetooth - audio goes in and out

Level 7

I have an odd issue with my Bluetooth headphone connection going in and out. If I turn my head, I lose the connection. I have tried several headphones that I know work, and the issue is consistent. If I am close to the PC and careful enough to not move my head, I can get the connection to stay active while watching videos. Playing games is worse - audio just goes in and out - 1 to 5 second plays and pauses. 

All Windows updates are current. All Asus drivers are current. BIOS is updated to most current. I am running Windows 11. I am getting a Bluetooth USB from Amazon to plug in and test. 

I love this board - this is the only issue I am having.  


Level 7

I have a very similar issue. I am using Bluetooth headphones and have been having both audio input and output issues. When playing games, the audio output sometimes works great for anywhere from five minutes to an hour and then all of a sudden cuts out. When on call, my microphone picks up my voice intermittently.

I have not had this issue when connecting my headphones to other devices. All of my Windows (11) updates, BIOS, and drivers are current, to my knowledge.

Level 17

The external antenna manages Wi-fi and Bluetooth signals. Have you double checked the connections and tried a different orientation? Could a wire be damaged? You get the best signal strength radially from an antenna, so don't point it directly towards yourself. Better to have it pointed vertically upwards in general. Worth checking at least. 

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