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B760-F Strix - issue to load profile new bios

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I just updated to latest bios (1420 if I recall correctly, which also updates LED and ME firmwares) but my settings backup .CMO doesnt work. It loads but when saving the loaded settings shows as squares and get stuck at mem training, which needs a clear cmos to restore.

I know the .CMO file backup is ok and not corrupted since I used it on the previous bios update to v.1220. So something is up in this new bios...

I also have a .txt backup if that could be converted to cmo somehow...

Any ideas I could try?



Level 16

Hi. Although I've never used a settings backup file (I don't change many BIOS settings myself), I have read that settings files may not transfer between BIOSs. So it would be better to enter the settings you want from scratch. Bit of a pain, but at least you would know for sure that everything is as it should be. You could then save a new settings file for your most recent BIOS and test it if you wanted. Hope that's helpful. 

In fact, might be a good idea to do another BIOS reset before putting in your settings. You'd know that you have a clean start without any possible corruption from importing the old settings file. That's what I would do anyway. 


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