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Level 7

Hello, I have been updating my BIOS for more than an hour now using EZ Flash 3, the last thing I saw on my display before turning into black screen is something like “…installing ME firmware….” and then I cannot see any progress since then… My VGA light was turned on solid white and case fans, cpu fan and gpu fans was on. 

How long do I have to wait till it finish? I’m actually willing to wait up to 6 hours but I’m afraid I might brick this mobo. If updating bios using ez flash 3 failed, can I recover or update my bios again using BIOS Flashback? 


Level 17

Before trying anything else, turn off the PC in the usual way and also turn off power at the PSU for a few minutes. If that doesn't work, try resetting the CMOS as well using the button on the motherboard rear panel (press for 2-3 seconds). After all of that, you can try flashing again. You might also have a corrupted file on the USB stick, not common, but it does happen. Try downloading again. 

A BIOS/ME Firmware flash shouldn't take more than approx. 10 minutes max, but wait for up to 20 minutes if nothing seems to be happening. 

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Level 8

Dear XmasGG

Please make sure you are using USB2.0 thumb-drive for better compatibility and make it sure you had downloaded and not corrupted.

Using EZFlash from Windows or BIOS/UEFI is less risk.

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