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B660-i - unrecognized devices after installing all drivers

Level 9
In Windows 11, after installing all latest drivers for B660-i, I still get 2 unrecognized devices:
- PCI device
- SM bus controller
(see attachment)
I also cannot get Windows 11 lower than 10W in idle, because of that, I think. Linux idles at 5.5W on the same system.

Anybody has the same problem in their system?

Level 9
Yes, that's a common issue with asus, they don't provide drivers for all of their motherboards, they seem to forget to publish all drivers, I suggest you to check for a similar motherboard and check for their drivers (in your case all B600 motherboards).

This sounds very bad from the manufacturer… Darn Â*the board is outside return window.Â*
Â*Had Asrock board before, they had their drivers in order.
Do you have unrecognized devices?Â*

Hello andru_nl

Install the Chipset driver.

Click the link below and select your operating system, under Chipset click "Show all" in red, the Chipset driver is the fourth download.

I did, installed all drivers multiple times. Going to try it again after removing the devices first..

Removing and reinstalling chipset drivers helped, now the devices are gone, thanks!