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Audio Problem with Z790-E and Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus

Level 7

i have a audio problem with Z790-E and my Soundcard "Sound Blaster AE-5 Plus" (PCIe x1), connected on PCIEX16(G4)_2. Everytime the computer gets back from suspend mode i get audio problems when i open a website (Chrome / Firefox / Edge) with a DRM-Video. I get a short stutter on the audio (sounds like zzzzz). Sometimes also the audio is wobbeling when i open the browser. It's only happen after suspend mode, not on a clean start / restart. Also not happening with the onboard sound or usb sound devices.

Previously never had the problems with the Z590-E.

Is the problem known? Is this a problem of the bios?

Level 7
Solved for now. It was a IRQ problem. I set the audio card to Message-Signaled Interrupts with "MSI_util_v3" (before the graphics card and audio card shares the same IRQ).