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Asus Z790-V AX (BIOS failure - "Press F1 to Run Setup" - Can't enter BIOS)

Level 8

I have an Asus z790-V AX and started it for the first time and the POST screen comes up and says:


"New CPU Installed!  Please entere Setup to configfure your system.Press F1 to continue and take advantage of ASUS optimized performance! If you wish to follow intel guidelines and apply its stock power limits, please disable the ASUS Multicore Enhancement (MCE) in the BIOS settings. Next, you will enter the UEFI settings menu.Press F1 to Run SETUP"


The problem is that no keyboard inputs are being recognized and no way to continue. The motherboard has no BIOS flashback or recover buttons external or internal. I attempted a CMOS clear by removing the CMOS battery, but no change. I saw someone inthe past plug in multiple keyboards and so I attempted that and still doesn't recognize my F1

No warning lights are on the motherboard and it has a green status light on the MB as if everything is fine.

Anyone have any advice on how to get this BIOS reset?signal-2024-05-12-142241_002.jpeg