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Asus Z790 MB new BIOS released version 1202

Level 7

A new BIOS has just been released for the Z790 based MB's. Release notes are:

1. Improve system stability and compatibility for the next-gen processors
2. Fix the compatibility and instability issues when configuring RAID for high-capacity storage
3. Do update the intel ME to version




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That's what I used, all that software works fine, the BIOS update itself from ASUS's support site did not. 

13900KS / Z790 HERO / 64GB 6400MHz C32 / 4090 FE

Understood. I used the 1202 BIOS update from ASUS website as well. Sorry. Wish I could dive into it more, but I'm not too knowledgeable beyond the standard install procedures. Hopefully someone with expertise will chime in with fixes. 

For reference, I followed the ME install and verify procedure, downloaded the 1202 from ASUS to my dedicated flash drive (which I formatted before downloading) and then used EZ-Flash utility in the BIOS setup screen. 

Good to know I am not the only one with this issue. For me though it hit Q Code 64 before rebooting which points to a USB device "apparently". So, I unplugged everything even went as far to remove my Audio card, left one stick of RAM in it, tried all 4 slots, still didn't boot. As I only have the KF version of my CPU I had to leave the video card in, or else I would have removed that as well.

It does present as a USB error for me as well, since it cuts out and restarts the boot process as soon as it initializes my keyboard and wakes my monitor...some claim it sounds like a memory training issue, but I don't buy that at all, between the amount of attempt to boot I gave it, the above, my memories previous stability, the fact I'm 'only' running 6400MHz C32 with a KS CPU at stock settings otherwise, and finally the fact that I cleared CMOS multiple times, which should have set my RAM back to full stock. If this BIOS cannot train memory well enough to boot with two sticks of DDR5 at stock speeds, it's a bunk BIOS update imho. 

As for unplugging things though, I just finished a custom loop build, and I was frankly sick and tired of unplugging anything at this point. After the aforementioned troubleshooting, I threw in the towel and rolled back. Been rock solid, again, ever since. Over 4 days of uptime currently, many a benchmark ran, peak CPU power draw at full load over 300w, peak GPU over 550w, system loaded for extended periods of time during work and play, 50+GB of RAM in active use a few times...

Either 1202 has a propensity to nuke itself during installation, or it's just junk in general on many configs with the HERO, imho.

13900KS / Z790 HERO / 64GB 6400MHz C32 / 4090 FE

I'm on 0816 and, besides some little nitpicks that are driving me crazy, it is super good and stable, what you describe miiiiight be plain RAM incompatibility though, I had to send back a set of G.Skill 32GB DDR5 since it could not stop giving errors on Memtest64 only to replace it with a super solid T.force at what I believe is 7600 36 CAS, what is the brand of your RAM if I might ask? cause it sounds like either that or misconnection/ TDP issues, from what I've seen, the 13900ks behaves correctly on the TDP field, at least my 103 SP specimen.

Did you experience this while upgrading to the 1202 BIOS? I'm getting the jitters, but I will upgrade at some point.

Level 9

It's probably some specific difference in our config causing it not to work for me. Quite a few general stability issues with known stable configs reported on the 1203 version for APEX boards from what I'm seeing as well. 

Considering I found a workaround for the only issue I was having on 0816 anyway (which isn't even something I've been able to confirm is fixed in newer releases), I may just stay here indefinitely. 

Still, annoying to deal with this at all. 

13900KS / Z790 HERO / 64GB 6400MHz C32 / 4090 FE

FYI the ME Firmware has now populated on the support site (It can take a day or two to propogate depending on region)



13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I just saw that as well.  Thanks for the update.

Good to see, though it is pretty meh that a file that is highly recommended to be installed before a new BIOS update isn't available on the same page till 2 days after said BIOS update...issues with said BIOS on the HERO notwithstanding. 

13900KS / Z790 HERO / 64GB 6400MHz C32 / 4090 FE