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Asus Z790 Maximus Hero - 6400mhz XMP setting? And OC question

Level 7


New to all this and I wanted to know if I'm doing something wrong. Specs:

Mobo:Asus Z790 Max Hero

CPU: I9-13900K

Prediction SP 93

Cooler: 166

P Core: 106

E Core: 76

Bios: 2002

RAM: G Skill Z Trident DDR5 2x32 gb from approved list on Asus support

GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ 7900XTX

In BIO I Disabled - Enforce all limits and set to XMP I. Is that all I need to do?

Also for some reason I cannot run spy test (port royal no issues) and cinebench 2024.1 runs single CPU test just fine , but freezes on testing GPU after one year and multi core CPU testing just freezes when starting. 

MEM test and OCCT ran fine. Windows Memory diag no issue. 

As for GPU overclock I used this by YouTube video by Dee Batch and can't get stability using 1050 volts. Rather 1100 seems good

Any suggestions would be great. 


Level 7

I might have a dud GPU. I swapped back my old 5700 xt and timespy ran just fine. However, cinebench multi core test is stuck on the first step 3 seconds in still.