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[Asus Z790 Maximus Dark Hero] No GPU detected

Level 7

Hello ! 

My GPU is not detected within my computer and I don't see it on the bios either.

When I start my computer if I am not on the HDMI of the motherboard nothing is display.

What I saw : 

- Light when power cable not connected to graphic card (seems then there is at least power going from the motherboard to the graphic card)

- No GPU on Windows except the Intel from the CPU (dxdiag)

-No GPU in the bios

What I tried : 

- Both PCIe port with two graphic card (3090 & 770)

- GPU was working on my previous motherboard (AMD AM4)

- Reinstall Windows

- install Nvidia driver and failed (No Nvidia graphic detected)

- Update bios (Seems to have failed)

- Stopping Intel driver on Windows

Config :

- Asus Maximus Z790 Dark hero

- Intel i7 14700K

- Asus Strix 3090 or Asus 770GTX

- 2x 48GB DDR5 Corsair Vengeance

- Power supply Corsair HX1200i

Do you have any idea ? I am pretty desperate and I don't really want to unplug everything to send back the motherboard if it's not this, as then I won't have computer anymore ^^' 

Thanks by advance ! 


Level 7

hello , did you ever find a solution with the exact motherboard and 14900k and a Rog 4070TI

hello , did you ever find a solution for the problem because i’m having the exact same problem with ROG Dark Hero motherboard and 14900k and a Rog 4070TI