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Asus Z790 hero cannot update to bios 2301 getting constant boot loops

Level 7


My friend has a Z790 Hero Black with an i9-13990k and he attempted to update his bios and was met with continuous boot loops. I tried updating the firmware via flashback again and it still would not work. I read on reddit someone else who had the same issue and he could only get bios 0816 working so I installed that and like he said it was working. Once I got that running again I attempted to update the bios again to 2301 and the same issue occurred. I have never had any issues with anything from asus before and used the boards in countless builds for people I know. So I was a little surprised at the issue. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue and how to get on the most current firmware?

Thanks for your help



Level 17

Try downloading the BIOS again and unpacking it with Winrar instead of letting Windows do it. I remember doing that helped someone in the past.  

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Level 13

check if on secure boot is set to custom!

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Level 7

Hello , did you find the solution ? Same problem, only 1303 bios is warking