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Asus Z790-F can't ever awake from sleep or hibernation

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Asus Z790-F can't ever awake from sleep or hibernation

If it sits idle for any period of a few hours or so, I have to reset the cmos and/or start the pc without the RAM slotted so that it resets it and will have to boot into bios. Otherwise, if the pc is not being used continuously, and it enters any kind of C state or power saving mode, it never wakes up and it can't be hard cold booted anymore - as in- it produces no display and just sits on a black screen even though all of the lights come on and the fans all spin etc.


asus rtx 4070

Corsair Vengeance 5200

Seasonic Focus PSU

ROG z790F

I set the windows power settings to never go to sleep, left it on "balanced", but tried to avoid it getting to C states, but sometimes it's kind of unavoidable.

Has anyone else had something similar happen?


Super Moderator

Hi @erson 

If a system has issues resuming from S3, especially after prolonged periods of time, it normally indicates DRAM instability. Do you have XMP overclocking enabled?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090