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Asus Z790 Extreme Motherboard with Intel 13900K. Dual Monitors Black out randomly.

Level 7
Please help,
Asus Z790 Extreme Motherboard with Intel 13900K.
Problem ... Dual ASUS ROG Monitors black out randomly for about 1 second and then come back. Always one at a time.
Under load or not.

Windows 11 has been loaded 2 times.
Asus graphics card replaced.
Cables replaced.
Just leaves Z790 motherboard and Intel 13900K.

I heard somewhere that the chip, 13900K, may not being getting enough voltage and that causes blackouts.

What parameters can i set in the BIOS to fix this?
Please help.

Super Moderator

Clear the UEFI using the rear IO panel button, do not apply any overclocking (including XMP or memory overclock), and see if the problem persists.

If issue continues:

Go to the start menu, type in Event Viewer then go to Windows Logs > System. After the problem occurs check the log and report back. It sounds as if the display driver is crashing and restarting. Ensure the latest graphics card drivers are installed.

Note: if using a PCIE riser for the GPU, remove riser and test GPU connected directly to the motherboard.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

did as requested.

no riser installed.

uefi. stock. problem still happens.
all logs cleared.
and there are no logs when it happens.

now what?
i read somewhere that if cpu doesn't have enough voltage, the video can drop out.
is that true? how much should be enough? i presume they mean vcore???
hwmonitor says vcore goes from .7 to 1.4v.
is this a problem?

other ideas?
thanks, tony

Additionally cinebench now hits 100c max. and frequencies are reduced to pcores 4300 ecores 3700, dram speed reduced too.
Still happens. Nothing in logs. Vcore has increased, that's why temps up, clocks and performance down.