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asus z790 extreme marvell aqc113cs lost traffic

Level 7
When I use steam to download the game, the network card loses traffic, then disable and re-enable the network card, everything is restored, I have two asus z790 extreme motherboards, both have the same problem, driver version 3.1.7. I know that aqc107 also has this kind of problem, but atiflash can't update the firmware of the latest aqc113cs. Temporary solution to the problem: I made vbs in the startup item,
The path is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript. Shell")
start1="netsh interface set interface lan disable"
start2="netsh interface set interface lan enable"
oShell.Run start1,0,True
oShell.Run start2,0,True

In this way, every time you start up, you can disable and enable the network card once.

The root cause is the marvell driver and firmware problem. I feel that every aqc series has a common problem.

Level 11
I've been battling the same issue with the same aquinta nic on the z690 formula. Support has been useless. I have a case open for 4 months now and you can see the thread below is a year old. They've replaced the motherboard for me, but like you said, its not really a hardware problem. It's beyond frustrating. At least your board has a 2.5gb intel nic. The formula only has the aquinta 10gb.

Level 8

I think I have the say problem but found driver to be stable

i could not find that driver, i installed 3.1.7 and changed those settings in device manager. if you got a link, thanks!