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ASUS Z790 Apex Encore -i9 14900K, G-Skill 7800mhz

Level 7

Sorry in advance for a messy text and if I'm not clear (English is not my first language).
I've had this setup for about 4months now with on and off problems, everything from Bluescreens to random crashes in games mostly; PUBG and ARK:Ascended. My temps are high when benchmarking (100 after 10 seconds after different stresstesting, AIDA, OCCT or cinnebench) I tried disable the Asus Multicore enhancement which gave me lower temps but random crashes in PUBG still occurs. I'm now running with- Disabled Asus Multicore Enhancement and I cant run the memory test in OCCT, the program just freezes. I re-pasted my CPU with TG Kryo. I've got a feeling my cpu voltage is quite high? (1.405v idle as I'm writing this and max: 1.474v) I tried setting it to manual with; 1.35v - BSOD 1.375v - BSOD 1.385v - BSOD 1.390v BSOD.
I've ran about 4 memtest86s without any errors.
I've updated the bios to 1102.
Running XMP 1
Any ideas what it might be?
The setup:
Z790 Apex Encore
i9 14900k
Lian Li Galahad II LCD INF 360
G.Skill 7800 (F5-7800J3646H16GX2-TZ5RK)
Asus RTX Strix 4090 OC


Level 12

memtest86 is not a good mem test. reset everything to defaults and do not turn on xmp. if evertyhing is good and no crashes then turn on xmp and see if you have any crashes. if you do then you know your ram is unstable and will probably need to tweak settings to get it stable

Thank you for your reply.
Tried everything default and XMP off. Ran some OCCT tests, CPU 100 degrees after 5sec, Ram test: No freeze or BSOD.

Level 7

Also forgot to mention, when my crashes occured in the past, I could hear my fans go to max then complete freeze in game at the same time +  My Discord closes and starts again.

Level 7

Unstable memory, u need to tuning your memory. I got same problem as you. Don't expect use high speed memory with XMP only. I have g.skill 8200Mhz can't stable even at 8000mhz. 7800mhz is stable speed for me. 

So what settings did you go with in bios? Oly downclock without changing any volts?!

Yes I set XMP 2 and downclock it to 7800Mhz. It is simple way to get stable. I need more time to tuning the timing and voltage to get stable. 

Why not XMP 1 and downclock? I tried doing XMP 1 to 7600. I can now benchmark the rams in OCCT but I still get crashes in PUBG

XMP 1 is to tight timing for me. Have you check what the different between XMP 1 and 2? You can try both of them.

XMP 1 7600, 7400 , 7200 or XMP 2 7600, 7400, 7200 until you system no crash.

 Use y-cruncher and memtest to test your stability. 

There is the fact that not all CPUs will achieve 8000MT.

You can try setting XMP II again and increasing VDD, and VDDQ and VDDQ TX 30-50mV.

Also consider browsing to the DIMM Flex page and selecting the 16x2 profiles available, then selecting 8000MT manually.

Here were my prefered voltages for my 7200 A-die kit for 8000 - 8400MT, however, these are entirely CPU and memory kit dependant.


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090