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Asus Z690I ITX M2_2 idle high temperature

Level 7
Good morning. I have Asus Z690I ITX motherboard and a problem with idle m2_2 nvme disk temperature. Since January I have been using 0811 bios and all will be ok, a few days ago I updated it to 2004 and now discover high idle temperature, Nothing else was changed on the computer

Bios 0811

M2_1 - Crucial P5 plus 1 TB idle temperature about 40 Celsius, Windows 11 installed on it
M2_2 - Crucial P5 plus 500 GB idle temperature about 42 celsius, I only keep data on it

Bios 2004

M2_1 - Crucial P5 plus 1 TB idle temperature this same about 40 Celsius (Benchmark speed temperature 53 C, read 6,7 GB)
M2_2 - Crucial P5 plus 500 GB idle temperature about 53 celsius (Benchmark speed temperature 65 C, read 6,5 GB)

Nothing else change in the computer, all the same, only updated bios to 2004

I know that Asus had problems with this board Z690I ITX and with the disks on the second M2_2 connector that it did not detect them or detected as x2 speed, Could anything have been changed in the bios? Everything was always fine because I check the temperatures periodically, now suddenly it has changed, everything else is ok including disk speed.


Level 7

Probably I found a solution, but it looks like it is clearly a bug in some version of the bios, one disk had a normal temperature and the other was strongly increased

In bios I change settings in Advanced/ Platform Misc Configuration/ Native ASPM i change Disable to Eneable
And in windows Settings i change in power plan (What plan do you want) Magistral PCI Express - power management dependent on link state - Maximalize power saving
So now my M2_1 now this same temperature about 38 to 40 C
M2_2 went from 54 C to 41C

So this is some kind of bios bug, because I didn't change anything in it before and after the 2004 update