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Asus Z690 Hero + Asus PG32UQ = bad combo?

Level 7
Hello guys, I have an Asus Z690 Hero coupled with an Asus RoG Swift PG32UQ monitor (using a Zotac GTX 1070 Amp! Edition, waiting for a new card).
The monitor can't hook the video signal during computer startup (tried with HDMI and DP, doesn't change).
I can't enter the BIOS and the monitor shows an image just when Windows 11 has finished loading.
In the monitor section of this forum, this problems seems to be very problematic for this particular model. Many seems to be using a Z690 Hero for this monitor.

Any suggestion how I can solve this issue? Some people are saying the problem is the deep sleep functionality which cannot be disabled on this monitor.
The Z690 Hero motherboard is very configurable, there should be some setting that can possibly fix this problem.
Any help?

I'm regretting not having returned the monitor when I had the possibility to do that.

Level 7
run the nvidia uefi firmware update.