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ASUS TUF Gaming H670-PRO Upgrade to Intel CPU 13th Gen.

Level 7

Hello, I own an ASUS TUF GAMING H670-PRO where is currently installed an Intel i5-12600KF. I'm pretty sure I can “upgrade” it to support an Intel i7 of the 13th generation (i7-13700KF to be precise): how can I do this sort of “upgrade”? Thanks! ✌️


Level 9

The QVL on the support page of your motherboard will list what has been confirmed by Asus as compatible with it, yours does mention that specific processor. Just make sure you flash the BIOS to 2004 or higher.


Glad it’s supported. Though, I was wondering how to flash the BIOS to 2004: if you have a good guide, or tutorial, its link will be very appreciated! Thanks for the moment 😎

Level 7

Okay, I found the official ASUS tutorial. But, I have some doubts regarding the version I need to install: from the website, it looks like from the 2602 version, 14th gen CPUs are supported; should I install a version between 2004 and 2403, or am I safe even by installing a version from 2602 onwards?



To be honest, the majority of issues I've read about people experiencing along with myself when it comes to bios updates are mostly overclock settings. In general, each update includes more updates to stability or compatibility and I personally would recommend updating a little after each update is released so early adopters can identify issues.

In regards to 2602, I've been using it without any issues and if you are overclocking or turning on Xmp profiles, set SPD Write Disable to false, things will run a lot smoother. At least they did for me.

So I can go with the latest version for the 13th gen CPU?